When Marriage Lasts

My husband and I just celebrated our 50th anniversary, and I am full of varied emotions.

I am a little surprised to even still be alive, and I am deeply grateful that we have weathered the trials of these 50 years and are still together.

We mainly credit the faithfulness of God for keeping us together, but our choices have played their part as well.

We both have been convinced that God wanted permanence in our marriage, and when we have been stretched nearly to breaking point, we have come back repeatedly to the Father’s expectation and our own promises.

I’ve written several poems over the years that express our convictions about marriage and our experience of it.

I’m including several of them here. 

I doubt that I really need to say much more.


When Marriage Lasts

Detour Through Grief

Go here watch the interview of John and Rhonda talk about marriage.

This was probably written in one of the “stretching times” when aggravation was a frequent emotion.



When aggravation

Unravels our hearts,

“I promised”

Ties us together—

We will not sever the knot

In the face of assault.

We will not run away

From loving each other,

We promised,

And the promise holds.

–Rhonda Brown

I wrote this poem for the 70th anniversary of dear friends, and eventually changed the title to be applicable for any of us in a long marriage.



For Guy and Marie, on the occasion of their 70th anniversary

When starry-eyed youth

Speak their vows

They cannot fathom growing old

Cannot grasp body’s betrayal

But when marriage is measured in decades

When patience and forgiveness

Have been practiced

And practiced again

When “for better or worse”

Have both been tasted

When the promise

Has been kept year after year

We rejoice.

–Rhonda Brown

Probably wrote this acrostic poem describing my husband for a birthday or anniversary. I’m glad I married him and hope many other wives out there can describe their husbands in similar fashion.



Forward looking


Intelligent and industrious

Testy at times



Undeterred by obstacles




Never a dull moment

– Rhonda Brown

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*My early poem is available in the archives of the Utmost Christian Writers poetry contest.

I have written many things about the world of poems and have published many of my own poems and stories here at Poet Monk Blogs

When Marriage Lasts
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When Marriage Lasts
John Tarr interviews Rhonda Brown, a Christian Poet. John and Rhonda talk about Christian marriage. Rhonda and her husband just celebrated their 50th anniversary so we talked about what it is like to be married that long and the ups and downs of being married to someone over that period of time.
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