The Word Became Flesh

The Incarnation is the wonderful, amazing, supernatural event that is at the center of Christmas. I posted articles by a couple of different people discussing the Incarnation.

Here are the links.

   “…the first thing to know about Christmas is this: it is about the incarnation of God.”

       “The Son of God…took on flesh, and became fully, truly human without ceasing to be fully, truly divine. “

Hope you won’t shy away because of the length. There’s good stuff here!

Several of the poems in my book address the Incarnation very directly. Here’s the one that I included in my Advent facebook posts.

God So Loved

For God so loved the world—

So loved this blue-green jewel

Floating in perfect orbit

In the vast reach of space

With its myriad inhabitants

The earth and its creatures

And man in God’s own image

Those sheep without a shepherd

That he gave—

Father, Son, and Spirit together

Chose to freely give

His Son—


That the second person of the Trinity

Took human flesh

Grew nine months in the womb

Was birthed and thrived

From infancy to toddlerhood

From teens to manhood

That he lived for 30 years or so

In the vicinity

Of 32 degrees North

And 35 degrees East

Under the vicissitudes of Roman rule

Trod the dusty roads of Palestine

Healing and teaching

God so loved the world

That he gave his only Son—

To lay down his life to pay the price

For sinful man to live again at peace with God

That whoever believes in him—

Whoever believes

From all that seething human mass

Whoever looks on the face of the Son

And trusts the love of Jesus and his hard

work on the cross

Though his body die his soul will live

That whoever believes in him

Will not perish

But have everlasting life.

–Rhonda Brown

Borrowing a greeting from Anthony Costello, writer of two of the articles I’ve referenced here,

 “Merry Incarnation Day!”


The Word Became Flesh

*My early poem is available in the archives of the Utmost Christian Writers poetry contest.

I have written many things about the world of poems and have published many of my own poems and stories here at Poet Monk Blogs

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The Word Became Flesh
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The Word Became Flesh
The Incarnation is the wonderful, amazing, supernatural event that is at the center of Christmas.
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