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Illness, in the form of a non-malignant brain tumor, forced me out of the workplace about 14 years ago.

I was at that time already a member of the Arizona State Poetry Society and writing poetry was occupying an increasingly important place in my life.

The idea of doing my own book has only developed in the last several years, and I am grateful for the encouragement and assistance of some kind friends in helping make it happen.

Rhonda Brown Christian Poet

My poetry springs, first of all, from the fact that I am a Christian.  I am convinced that the Christian faith is true, that the Bible is a reliable document, and that that book and the book of nature reveal to us a God who is powerful, creative, and loving.

It is my hope and prayer that these poems will bless those who read them and will bring honor and praise to God.

The second major source of inspiration is living in Arizona. We moved here in 1987, and I love the desert beauty that surrounds us.

That also figures significantly in what I write. I am grateful to God for putting us in this place.


Rhonda Brown Christian Poet

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Create Prayer Triggers in Your Life

Create Prayer Triggers in Your Life

If you aren’t familiar with prayer triggers, let me fill you in a little. There’s nothing complicated about it. A prayer trigger can be any physical item, a song, a place, a routine event—whatever– that you have determined will remind you of a particular person or issue for which you wish to pray, and prompts you to pray for them right at that moment.

Attitude of Gratitude

Attitude of Gratitude

A time when hopefully we take some time to assess the blessings that have been poured out on us, and what God calls us to do with them, which is to share them with others.

I have written a number of blog post about my poetry that you might find interesting here: Poet Monk Blogs

I Weave a Song of Praise


My collection of poems, I Weave a Song of Praise, is now available for purchase here at the Bookstore

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Rhonda Brown is a Christian Poet from Phoenix Arizona. My first contest, to my delight, I received an honorable mention and a cash prize.
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