My Love Hate Relationship with Technology

In my love-hate relationship with technology, the balance is tipping lately to the love side

I am fairly adept at using a variety of tools, as long as they work properly, but the minute they fail to respond as expected, I tend to dissolve into a puddle of frustration and neediness.  Tech-savvy I am not!

Consequently, I have had, over the years, something of a love-hate relationship with the electronic devices that are more and more pervasively present in our lives.  But I need to tell you about a couple of things that are tipping the balance lately to the “love” side

These days, my computer is helping me go to prayer meetings!

Before the 2020 elections, I called a friend and asked if she would partner with me in praying for our nation.

We couldn’t easily get together physically.

Both of us had some health issues; our homes are not particularly near one another; and I haven’t driven at all since a round of brain surgeries some years back.

So, I signed up for a video-calling app that her family was already using, found it superior to what I had previously had access to, and we began to meet in video calls for prayer.

Regardless of how the elections turned out, our nation was just as much in need of prayer as it had been when we began, so we decided to continue meeting, praying for our country and including more of our own needs than we had been.

Besides that ongoing prayer partnership, a Christian group for which I am part of a prayer-support team has been hosting monthly prayer meetings online that involve pray-ers from all over the globe!

Our most recent meeting included folks in Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Ukraine, United States, and other places that I can’t remember offhand, praying for the needs of the parent group and for the needs of the regional groups included in it.  

It is a great joy to me that we can meet together across such great distances!

So what’s the point?

I’d like to challenge you to consider how you can use technology to develop prayer partnerships in your own life, whether in one-on-one relationships or in larger groups.

Jesus said, “Where two or three are gathered…” and these days, we needn’t even be on the same continent!


Two great apps for digital meetings and they are both Free are Zoom and Google Meet


My Love Hate Relationship with Technology

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My Love Hate Relationship with Technology
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My Love Hate Relationship with Technology
These days, my computer is helping me go to prayer meetings! We couldn’t easily get together physically.
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