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Rhonda Brown


My name is Rhonda Brown.

The following are endorsements from individuals that have enjoyed my poetry and writings.

I hope you find them helpful.


“Rhonda Brown has eyes to see the beauty of God’s world despite its brokenness.

Coupled with that, she stewards the keen gift of captivating my imagination despite using only a few words with each composition. If you are not yet into poetry, start here.

if you love poetry, read this book and be blessed. ”

Dr. Gary G. Hoag – President & CEO (Global Trust Partners),

author of numerous books, and (most importantly) fellow Christ-follower


Take an hour and settle into your favorite chair.

Reading Rhonda Brown’s poems is sure to transport you to another realm where what is rarely seen, though perhaps vaguely sensed, is verbalized in the beauty of her stunning poetry.

The under-appreciated desert habitat comes alive in her word pictures. Each poem deepens one’s admiration and wonder at the desert and her craftsmanship.

From there one is ushered into secret rooms of praise that are anything but shallow. Colorful. Heartfelt. Deep. Personal. Beautiful.

Crystal Knapp

Founder, Reach UP Magazine

Filling the void in print and digital communication for and by marginalized women.

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Detour Through Grief

Detour Through Grief

Detour Through Grief My start as a blogger was pretty tentative anyway—and the months since have been kind of hard to write about. Right after Christmas, all three of us in our household (my husband and I and our adult son) came down with COVID. Our cases were very...

Listening to Christmas Carols

Listening to Christmas Carols

“Listening to Christmas Carols” are thoughts and a poem by poet Rhonda Brown. It’s hard to name a favorite, but if I were pressed it would probably be “Hark! the Herald Angels Sing.” It captures so much about the Incarnation and why Jesus came.

Dance Practice

Dance Practice

My friend Patty invited me to come with her to the worship time at a Messianic congregation down in Chandler. A bonus element was getting to watch the practice time of the Messianic dance group she participates in.

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